What do y’all think about impressions? Have you ever been intrigued by textured objects?

Indian vessels and their textures have always appealed to me. Every time I cook here, I get nostalgic because I grew up eating and cooking with those utensils. And it makes me feel as if my relationships with the vessels are completely different.

All of the spice measurements, each poured into a dish in the correct amounts to create a perfect mix, piqued my interest in how different permutations and combinations of spices may result in a dish with a wide range of flavors and textures. This is why I wanted to do additional study and gain a deeper view of the facts.

India's gastronomic diversity is well-known, but the material diversity of cooking tools is less well-known. People choose non-stick and glass cookware in this day and age of modern living. These are convenient to use, but they are unhealthy. Ayurveda places a great deal of emphasis on the metals used in daily cooking, and despite current cooking advancements, old-school cooking tools are still considered the best. Some metals are beneficial to your health, while others are harmful.

During my sophomore year, I was working on a very similar project called “Collections and Archives”. And the goal was to work through and with found images as a way to articulate one’s own voice and developing strategies of presenting found materials that project one’s motivations, questions, relationship to the subject. I thought that doing research on the vessels that I have been using to cook would be a great way to represent my childhood. Therefore, to visually present these I thought of playing around with textures and making a composition in the poster form. While making the impressions of the different types of vessels I could emotionally connect to all the visuals that were made through these vessels.