Welcome to my Blog universe!!

Here, I'll be sharing my artistic experiences during my time at VCUarts. (Pretty much like a Graphic Design Adventure)

I'd like to give you a little backstory about me. I was born in Colorado and spent the majority of my childhood in India. Later on, I considered pursuing Graphic Designing since I was intrigued by the concept of digital art.

Since childhood, every digital part of the design has always inspired me, from posters to animations to different types of apps. When I decided to pursue Graphic Designing, I noticed that I always had a hands-on approach to my assignments. During my years at VCU Arts, I've realized that a lot of my work has been influenced by Indian culture, primarily because I've always been drawn to Indian culture all my life.

I wanted to take this opportunity of the capstone project to showcase all my first instincts to my projects. I'll be sharing my experience of the impact of Indian culture and how it was for me to be away from home through these blog posts.

During this process, I will also be showcasing my artworks that were inspired by my Indian culture. Over the course of these writings, I may also create artwork for the blogs.

Don't forget to keep an eye out!!