Travel Diaries

In India, there are many fascinating historical sites to see. I used to travel back and forth to India every vacation. The finest part of my trip back to India was getting to go and see all of the local places with my parents and family on weekends.

India has always held a special place in my heart and soul. Because I was raised there, I am emotionally, cognitively, and physically drawn to it. "How is India?" or "What is your country like?" is a question I am frequently asked. I believe that visiting or staying in India is like going or staying with family; you can always expect the unexpected; there are so many unique cultures, languages, and delicacies in different states to learn about; and so much more.

My friends here would frequently ask me for recommendations for places to visit in India. One of my concerns was that while you could Google where to go, it could be difficult for visitors entering India to figure out where to go, what to eat, and where to stay.

I considered it for a while, and as soon as my semester began, I began to contemplate creating a legitimate app that would take into account all of the factors that individuals who would come to India would consider. "BackPacker India" was the name I gave the app. It was a lot of fun thinking about building an app that could make a difference as I was designing the elements.​

Working on the project and building the app gave me a sense of accomplishment since I could see how I was able to affect or initiate change in the country I loved.

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